Rosalie's mission is to create delicious pizza made up by real, nutritious, and high quality ingredients.  Our goal has always been to make food that makes you feel good while you're eating it and after!  We spent years eating the best bread and pizza in the country, and just as much time testing out our own. 

As it should be with any pizza, the crust is the most important part! We use organic flour from Central Milling in our dough.  We use three different types of flour in our blend, including a spelt that gives depth of flavor and increases the nutritional content!  Central Milling's flour is shipped within days of being milled so it retains most of it's natural oils and vitamins adding to flavor of our dough.  

All of our dough is naturally leavened.  This means that we use a leaven, otherwise known as a mother or sourdough starter that has natural yeast from the air rather than commercially produced yeast.  Fun fact, this was actually the way bread was made for thousands of years!  Naturally leavened dough creates  better flavor because it requires a longer ferment, and gives that sour tang that makes your mouth water.  The natural yeast and cold fermentation we use on our dough allows the natural yeast to eat the sugars in flour.  Without getting too nerdy, the natural yeast basically pre-digests the flour so when you eat our dough its light and makes you full without feeling bloated.  You can eat a whole pizza and be full but not in pain!  This was really important to us, that our pizza was a good experience even hours after you've eaten it.  

To top our pizza, we make our own fresh mozzarella.  We use toppings and produce from local farms and distributors.  We love pizza and want you to enjoy it as much and as often as we do!

For anyone coming to see us and eat our pizza it may interest you to know that we are meat free.  As neither of us eat meat we make pizza in line with our values.   Even if you're usually a pepperoni or sausage kind of eater, we think our pizza will stand up for itself.  Plus we have our homemade Beyond Meat Italian Sausage on the menu and you might not even know the difference:)

Happy pizza eating!