Mission and Donations


When we  began even conceptualizing Rosalie's we  wanted to build a business that made delicious and thoughtful food (of course).  But even more than that we wanted to create a business that made other peoples' lives better. We want a place where people enjoy working, and a business that gives back.  We have always wanted to make  a part of our business model  giving to our community and world.  During  quarantine we had time to look at our brand new business and time to look at the world around us.  We know the only way we will really feel successful is  if our business  is built to always be giving back  in as many ways as possible.  

This is our first and most basic step on the path.  We have decided that every two months we will choose a different  organization or two that is in need or is close to our hearts to donate a portion of our proceeds to.  This page will keep you updated on where we are donating  at the moment.  We  are open to and welcome hearing from our community and  customers on any organizations that are close to your hearts, that we could help or donate towards.